the bad ass drunken blues

well i took me a shot of an alcohol fuelled snooze 
then i woke sweating still full of the demons nights booze 
i picked up me guitar and raised me up a bloodshot sun 
ain’t having the bad ass drunken blues sort of kinda fun
i’d been dreaming of drowning in the new orleans jazz blues 
while watching the fires of hell strictly consume your shoes
yet since i’ve got me my guitar to raise up the sun 
i’ve found  the bad ass drunken blues sort of kinda fun  
who ever laid a bet that i wouldn’t need you just won
cause for breakfast i fixed me a hair of the dog brew
coffee and honey whiskey as sweet as your morning dew
so this is my farewell song to you and your crew 
as my guitar and i bows to the fading listing sun 
having a bad ass drunken blues day was sort of kinda fun 
so its bowwow whockah whockah bowWOW BITCH ! we’re done

©bg 2013

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