we sacrifice for the weather vane

give me a good keen axe
for the sun needs wood
to break its fast 

bring me the rooster 
that wakes me
with his death rattle crow 
for as surely as the sun comes to the table 
the rooster
must lay his head 
on the executioners block 

i must be faster than light
for the purity of the blade
requires that it must not taste
a drop of blood 
so as to sharpen 
its killer preacher thirst 
Within the white washed barn 
with the weather vane topped steeple

the creek out runs itself
rapidly east to west 
we built a bridge
with the rotting timber 
of the white washed barn 
to get over the bathing exposed 
fornicating pinnacle rocks
but the family of trolls couldn’t sleep 
with our feet trip trip and tripping
across their roof 
like rain from a storm 
that could float an ark 
so they devoured our unicorns
before they could frolic
in the greener pastures
we had passionately seeded 
under the honey moons glow

things got worst when i ate 
our only fattened Pigasus 
our dreams vanished 
like virgins 
when the dragon came a courting 
in springs frenzy 
sneezing fire
because of his pollen allergy 
you packed your bags 
then of down the road
you dragged them
kicking up dust and wailing like kids 
till the coach came along 
your fairy god mother got out 
like a bikers bar bouncer 
to load your baggage onboard 
with her tornado grace 
i caught that last glance
you threw my way 
it sits in a cookie jar
with your other pickled onion looks
that i could never swallow

the sun is just a dying
floating ember now 
i stopped stoking 
so long ago 
i survive on rooster eggs 
hanging out under the bridge
where the trolls once lived 
they dined of me 
till they cleaned me to the bone 
then moved on 
crossing the bridge 
to follow the water west
where they swore 
there was more light 
leaving me chattering
just like maddening wind chimes
to the breeze 
bout the cold southerly 
that cause my bones to ache
in the alzheimer depths
of the cold lonely northern nights 
when the shadow of the creek bed
slowly rises to wash my feet 
into dust

© bg 2012

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