close to the brink
u went to see a shrink 
bout the monster under the sink

u wore green socks 
to walk the few grey blocks 
past the time keepers marshal clocks

your socks were wet 
before u walked one street 
from the fear your souls did excrete

u walked some more 
to a closed sliding door 
up on the stair less thirteenth floor

u feel quite ill 
traffic lights start to trill 
like a psychopaths dentist drill

u sit down lost 
when will windows defrost 
maps in this frozen world do cost

monsters are free
built from past dreams debris 
they quickly become your adoptee

they find u there 
shrunk into your shrinks chair 
to hear your hourglass of despair

they’ll prescribe pills 
so u don’t see dung hills 
passing through your medicated gills

nor your shrunk shrink 
under the kitchen sink 
who works for quack freuds MONSTERS Inc

© bg 2012

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