the weight of sin causes death

the giant flew the dead angel like a kite 
through the ruins of an abandoned city 
on a shoe string guided trajectory flight

the mirror had been left open like a peephole 
the angel flew through its soft grey puckered surface 
into the tumour room of a lonely troll

i dreamed i was a dead angel tied to the moon 
below was a ruined city of my broken toys 
i saw this scene on the back of a silver spoon

the troll confessed his ensnared dream to the tortured clown
who hung on a cross that moved like a clocks pendulum 
his head dressed in a vinegar and brown paper crown

the incubus laughed in casual defiance at the giant troll
who dragged him like an anchor across the desert night sky 
the clowns copper eyes  weighed down his trash can lids paying the toll

© bg 2012


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