Batteries go flat 
I watch the world 

The world was once flat 
As flat as my duck pond 
A man floated forth 
Who rewound the world 
Into a bouncy  sticky ball

I am created anti clock 

Out off. The plug. Hole 
I popped like a cork 
I am a decoy duck 
Zappy Sappy 
be thy name 
So saith the duck 
Below the pond glass surface 
Where golden Pythagoras fish 
Triangulate regurgitated 
Fish tales

The deadly  world flows
currently  thru me 

I feel nothing

I’m hollow inside

Like the fall zone 
Between heavens suicidal bridge
and the  mortal sewage pond 
The worlds stomach rumblings
sound empty 
To my. consumer. healing touch

I  floats on the lifeless pond 
Dumped Dead bodies sink 
Then they rise again 
According to the law
“The truth will always surface
And float free “
On the ponds reflective surface

I am  the virus carrier 
Of the savior 
I’m like an empty cross 
Digging on a desert dunes

crumbling crown 
For the ark. 
Seeking salvation 
For my sins 
For leading my flock
To slaughter

And the angels did trumpet 
Bang a bang bang 
And Fowl was their deed

Scientist search spaces infinities
for gods black box
Yet The sun glows orange at sunset

On my bill 
there is always a bottle of rum 
Floating heroically 
Into the finite of the nights blood

At. Sunrise. divine  revelations
I read bread crumbs
That fall like angels 
Bone ash milled flour
Crushed. By. The bakers hands

that. Giveth Us 
From the bridge above



© bg 2014

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