as i stood in suspended animation
above my collapsing stone bridge 
that spanned two grave dark magnetic towers 
like a crumbling ocean ridge 
i saw your painted gloss faces
on your crystal totem book tower wall 
i saw your new graffiti ink
as gravity did dawn so i did fall 
i knew that ink was intended
for some other fried dope troll 
cause those hypnotizing mesmerizing
snake eyes are ever so damned droll 
your elite gangster rat goon torture squad
fed me info that did kill
in poisoned cider bottles
hand picked from a garden no troll could rule 
the juice exploded my scone matter 
like crumbs across the universes floors
flies darken my souls tea cup 
on whose syrup tears they sup 
now i conclude i shouldn’t have gone to battle
before I had hero suited up
still i tried grabbing in prayer to save me 
the dissolving chalk dust hands
of that mad twisted teacher time 
when from my bridge where that last heroic jump 
became a fall into the brine 
into that bottomless scrolling dead sea 
now here fate i lie immersed
in unmoving dirt humor 
experiencing a sudden dearth of god 
beneath the dried cracked Edens earth 
where once upon a spring breath i did plod

now i’m guessing no empathy taught you
to humanely euthanize a troll 
that fell from loves foolish heights like poo


© bg 2014

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