homeless and broke

oh pure love ain’t like no liquor its never cheap

yet just the same it can leave you homeless and broke

that’s why i stalk you my lady like a drunk lost creep


i’m a bum in this here bunny romance town

i’ve got no don diego smouldering cigar

nor no burgundy black collar dressing gown


i flip crushed rusted bottle caps into the towns wishing well

i play broken country records on the merry go round

at night i sleep alone under the towns liberty bell


in this here romance town i’m the bum

the soles of my royal soot skin slippers

are made from spat out chewed habitrol gum


hearts not refuelled with special kisses soon run out of love

just as unwound gold pocket watches run out of time

all the answers i get is sunshine or rain from above


how long can a bum survive in this romance town

how long can a joker drown in a barrel of rum

bereft of his princess in her flowing bridal gown


this town is devoid of her beauty lady luck

bad omen for one digging in his pockets

full of burn holes from where cupids arrows struck


in this romance town i don’t want to be the bum

but it’s hard to escape the charms of the gutter

with soles of spat out chewed habitrol gum

© bg 2013

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