I shall find security in my tomb

I shall find security in my tomb 

Bees will turn my skull into a hive

Instead of snot and tears

Honey oh sweet honey 

Shall runneth from my nose 

Shall runneth from my eyes 

With my lolling tongue 

I  shall forever  taste 

Honey oh sweet honey 

Was death the altered state of mind 

I’ve been hedonisticly searching for 

Across this globes

sticky icky

gloom smeared 

concrete jungles 

Before I awoke 

In this ancient tomb

Jesus  cowardly  deserted  

Do I really wish to follow 

To escape back 

Back into the turmoil of existence 

Into the delusional torment 

Of the gods banquets 

Bloody Tournaments fray

Where my flaming tongue 

Shall never be quenched

in the served polluted wine 

Where I shall stand 

A statue caste in time 

Gazing upon 

the baying crowds

Naked and Aroused 

Yet ever beyond 

self gratification 

Leaving my seed 


Fermenting for an eternity 

In my marble balls 




It is far safer 

To remain in the tomb 

Where honey 

Oh sweet honey  

Runneth from my nose 

Runneth from my eyes

Sliding down my tongue

Full filling my being 

© bg 2015

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