Feet for tears

i have club feet for tears
Yeah they’re pretty rank
like crushed cigs soaked in stale piss
they fill up my cotton shoes
spilling out the restitched seams

they’re always sticky wet
like im deliberately
stepping into foot spas

i got given pills
Magic Johnsons
to keep my feet
from always running
whenever theres a tissue

so now my feet
just sit bone idle
Sinking uncomfortably
into my mushy
worn out ottoman brain
their toe nails growing
longer and longer
reaching out
i can feel
the constipated pressure
of them yellowed slimy
talons from a cradle
pushing out my puckered eyes
to expose their mankyness
their sniffly red fungal soles
weeping and oozing
from their cracked and crusty
volcanic skin
All over my smiling
welcome mat face

and from the stigmata peep holes 
in my splayed stained
wooden hands
i watch my ghost
Eclipsing the sun

©bg 2016


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