Meselves Utopia Lost

under the feather cover
of darkness black as tar
a flotilla of coffins
crossed the shadow sea

on an island
inhabited by Meselves
they landed

the helmeted Exoskeleton’s hordes
from their battle coffins
to marauder in Meselves utopia

like metal dogs
they set fire
to Meselves straw huts

like archeologist
they dug up Meselves lies
enslaving them as facts

like belching giants
of industry
they occupied
Meselves castles in the air
grinding their hopes into fears

like missionary hobbits
they took Meselves precious gods
and cast them tirelessly
into the islands volcano

the warrior Meselves
were vastly out numbered
the protracted fight
was uselessly futile and gory
when the Meselves
finally surrendered
they were skinned alive
in defiant sullen silence

the Exoskeleton’s hordes left
in victorious song
to the dawn 

their leaders
wearing the Meselves skins
as trophies
the remaining warrior bones
far far away
from their sleepy island
to be living daily walking
museum exhibits
of a nightmarish
plagued race

© bg 2011

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