A Recent Development

I have been putting
My barrel fingers
Into my mouth
Cocking back the thumb

& letting it fall

So far
I have blown
my brains out
6 times
This week

Each time
Leaves a foul acrid
In my mouth

& I remember

Where my fingers
Have been
In life

©bg 2010


8 thoughts on “A Recent Development

      • You have to see it my way – my fingers are Big and they stink of infestation of the world with a small thing called a morpheus egalitarianism that does not sing for its supper but rather asks for the reserve to do more.


      • Lol cool, with the snigger in there I thought you were going down the sexual
        innuendo path. My mistake,loved your elegantly worded take on my work.i enjoy exploring the psychological
        nature of the human beast. Cheers for the fed back. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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