da dum da dum

all my vital organs are in a up turned bucket

hiding there, cause i’m a  hermit crab
scuttling around in the sewer

i found a bloody bone fishing hook the other day

a foetus was suckling on the hook
gripping on for dear evil life  

i laid the foetus to sleep in a small wooden trunk

while we slept a soul came a knocking
i lifted the bucket, he entered 

a strange looking soul with patches of news paper skin

ghostly like in appearance and thought
carrying a glowing skull skinned drum

the soul sat down next to the trunk and played a heartbeat 

da dum da dum da dum da dum da
dum da dum da dum da dum da

i watched sadly the soul fade away like his music 

i picked up the souls flaked tattooed dried skin
to read the souls obituary

i gathered the foetus seed and scuttled from the sewer

following the obituary words
i hid the foetus under soil
from the soil grew a stalk into the light of the moon

i then climbed up the foetus seed stalk

free of my rusting tin bucket

i was always bound to leave the darkness behind me

da dum da dum da dum da dum da
dum da dum da dum da dum da

©bg 2012

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