Flight into Darkness

i have wept secrets like black gold
into the seven deadly seas
i have seen the giant black demon moths
fall upon the sun
my urine has fallen and spread
to poison the roots of mighty trees
i reaped the tongues
from those that heard the truth been spun
i built my castle walls
with the mortar of my seed
i dug a moat round my castle
filling it with sun shine
after a million dawns
it became stagnant like rotting mead
when drunk it left you as hungry
as wishing well dark matter brine
yet strangely i know all things yet unborn
into the bosom of eternity
i hunted in my evergreen forest
the unicorns into annihilation
yet the dead still refuse me access
into their privileged fraternity
so i strung cupids bow
so he could smote the universe of creation
yet still the four horsemen cower
attacking from within the stable
while new stars are sent to mock
the waning twinkling in my eyes

neither mountains nor oceans will help
protect my feast laid table
from the minions that escaped Eden with the truth
then filled the id with lies
that wash my feet as i carry a ladder
across the flooded earths crust
to the cliff that was carved by lightning
into the shape of a cloud
before i could climb the ladder to the top
of the cloud that rains dust
a creature rose from the waters
unfolding flaming wings
and crowing loud as a bell
its furious din turning the stillness of the air
into a maddening wind
that smashed me like a wave
onto the rocks below the floating cliff
where i laid
like a broken and abandoned wooden goblet and pined

for a time when i sailed the ethereal
as captain of my own skiff
before discovering the trouble with history
is you don’t know the ending
i sailed my skiff to an island
following the zest of its consciousness
when i got there i found
there was no mountain to begin ascending
so i built my own one step after another
till into the temple i did transgress
inside i met a merchant of wine and whores
with mad syphilis eyes attending
the row of seven burning bushes lined up along the altar
like junkies with cravings
a scribe sat at the altar dipping glowing twigs
from the bushes into his pus filled eyes
then he would use the twig
to write down what he saw
on silver mirror shavings
while the merchant fed the consuming bushes
wine,flesh and the music of orgasmic cries

a seraphim
floating in orbit around the altar
saw me and the temple echoed her word
with a look of anguish on her face
she clawed open her bronze skinned chest plate
reaching inside
she pulled out a  heart shaped hour glass
part filled with pink grains of pepper
she flipped the hour glasses over
as the peppers began to tumble
reality did relate
the temple began to crumble around me
one grain at every eighth heart beat
that thundered like a bull
from a distance within the altar
fearing i might also crumble to dust
if i stayed within the temples four walls
i fled leaping down the stairs
a naked flightless man in full decent
who in cowardly shame
commanded darkness
to illume the world
thus losing
the skiff anchored
to the moon

©bg 2011

5 thoughts on “Flight into Darkness

  1. There’s so much here
    SO beautiful are the images
    One after another
    This is the kind of poem
    You could read
    And there would be something different every time
    Thank you for visiting
    See you on the other side of creativity

    Liked by 2 people

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