the lost covenant

Once we lived in a rainless blood drop immortal day
beyond the hills of youth we heard Saturn bay
we made a covenant like we were wounded gods
war over we lay down our thunder and lightning rods

i gathered you into my arms as if you were my sky
your mouth clung  to mine as our hearts did fly
as if my pale glowing surface was the very moon
deeply entranced in a erotic celestial esoteric

we had no idea that Saturn had released his goon
as we fell into the nurturing earth like it was our bed
your purity blessed me and turned the earth mars red

our passion scented sweat melted our skins together
thus from ignorant innocence we as one lost the tether   
becoming tangled like Gods weeds to inherit the earth
from the hills the thunder chortling  of Saturn’s mirth

but we paid the thunder and voyeur goon no mind
to the mortality of love we were justly blind
for i was then a immortal trashcan bard
and you the everlasting princess cups card

over the interference of Saturn’s goon
we lost the ability to discern our divine tune
till we exhausted our loves youth
chasing our tangled notes of truth

like tumbleweed kisses through our ghost towns main street
naked but for our shared tattered and soiled roman toga sheet
till the goon sheriff  escorted us to the towns limit
for the final scene of the bard and his princess starlet
as the eternal flame gathered its embers to fly away
i grabbed one last time your hand to in love flay
i plunged its dagger shadowy form deep down
into the inferno of my heart to kill the bard clown
then i released you like a phoenix into the sky
before i couldn’t hide the blood tears i cry

Now the prune goons of Saturn govern my wastelands
like vampires drinking my tears i feed into their static sands. 

© bg 2011

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