There is always a Capitalist

there is always 
a Capitalist
to break the wings 
of free BEAST

there is always 
a Capitalist 
to sell a slave 

there is always 
a Capitalist
to trade those beasts 
back their broken SOUL

there is always 
a Capitalist
to send those beast 
to fight their WARS

there is always 
a Capitalist 
to take free beasts 
back to a fettered STATE

© bg 2012


13 thoughts on “There is always a Capitalist

  1. This hits home. The system, like all others have flaws and faults, human nature. People will always be greedy, and want more and more. The strong will take advantage of the weak. At this point, altruism seems to go against our evolutionary growth. We are still spoiled children.

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      • Yes that basically is how I used the word for this poem. Allow it is taking liberties I feel how you defined the word is how a lot of people understand the word when it is used. Cheers for your thoughts I enjoyed them 🙂

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      • ‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin wasn’t noted for his capitalist sensibilities but he certainly fits your bill of an abuser. Kahmenei may be a bit better but I don’t want someone doing my thinking for me. Capitalism and neoliberalism (in particular) have their faults but there is much worse. I fear dogmatists and dictators far more. It’s when you cant get out onto the streets you need to worry.

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      • Capitalist have hijacked democracy ,they also can be found perverting most other forms of ideaology to bring about their profiteering agendas.
        Capitalist feared poor old Uncle Joe, why he had destroyed one of their figureheads.
        Capitalist loved dear Mr Hitler
        These dictatorships that one fears are all able to exist thanks to capitalist.capitalist hide behind facades.
        Pockets of the world may be safe but thanks to capitalist the world is kept in a constant state of war.
        This poem was not about nations it was about the individual capitalist who pit nation against nation, societies against societies for their own means .
        Through out history they have always existed by many other names, today they are best defined by the word capitalist as the word is often used today.
        As for capitalism which has and does fail, like all ideaologies if it is given to much leash and becomes dogmatic they do and will turn on their owners the people. I am enjoying this discussion and Thankyou for yours and our fellow bloggers input 🙂


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