Loves Beast

once upon a time a witch took shelter at an inn 
known to the adventurous as the “Floating Doldrums ” 
The Doldrums had a room with a rustic looking oak table within
covered in a table cloth made of the finest lush mould 
on which stood thirteen silver flagon’s filled with placenta dust 
around the table sat thirteen apostles waiting to be paroled 
they sat on mushroom stools resurrecting only past paths walked 
by their sacrificed feet round and round their masters blood stained altars
Yet when the time came to ascend the collapsing  ladder they had all balked

from the inn keeper the witch purchased a room for the night 
she folded expertly her red cloak up for a pillow 
laying on the hard cot wrapped in cotton bandages still white 
she plunged her head deep into the swirling universe of dreams 
where large worlds descend into smaller worlds and vice versa 
where time and laws don’t exist or so to the uninitiated it seems

before her lay a fleshly plowed spring field 
in front of her a cauldron sat simmering over a fire 
she placed a note and key into a bottle which she sealed 
before dropping it into the sweetest simmering broth 
then she danced round the cauldron till her feet bleed wine
and the moon was eclipsed by a giant grey dusty moth

the morning sun began its ascension from the mountainous south
the witch stopped her dance to wearily watch the east 
where an elephant was crossing the rivers wide mouth 
she kept an eye on the elephant as it crossed the field 
guided by a man who sat like a jewel on his mounts head 
his intentions hidden behind a golden heart shaped shield

the witch’s fine nose began to twitch and bleed with a sense of fear 
for her nose knew the scent of a dangerous rosemary rattler
who chose from their beads witch hunter for their vile pious career 
once they chose they would go forth with the everlasting sure cure 
to separate the virtuous Beast from his maiden Witch 
with the flame rod he wielded to make all yet again pure

the bull elephant came to a halt kneeling before the witch 
the hunter lowered his golden shield before her radiant beauty 
and blew her kisses filled with thorns and nettles from a switch 
that brought tears to her eyes to sow her Elysian field furrows in salt
above vultures filled the skies screeching hosanna, hosanna 
deafening the hunter to her mercy pleads so his healing would not halt

Her Beast descended from the mountains in bounds, tearing up a tree stump for a club 
he crossed the witches Elysian field his hackles raised and glowing blue 
the bull elephant charged at Beast who struck the elephant out of the hub 
in a few bounds he seized the hunter tossing him away from purging his love
he then knelt beside her gathering her tattered flesh in his protective limbs 
suddenly he was engulfed in flames fanned by the vultures wings from above 

as the flames attacked his flesh Beast stumbled to the rivers spilling edge
Where he laid his witch in a vessel casting the boat safely into the rivers current 
then he turned to face the hunter who was determined to keep his sworn pledge
The hunter retrieved his flaming stake of office from Beasts inflamed being 
then watched Beast stagger back and sink like a sunset into the river 
The hunter exhausted collapsed into his self inflicted flame blinded seeing.

Beast met his Fiend in a watery crypt 
“dead words dead words “furiously screeched Fiend
as he tore up his plays tragic manuscript

on seeing his haggard Beast like a reflection, Fiend pointed a talon like finger
“don’t speak Beast for down here regardless of reason the words are all rotten 
they’ll taste like sewer water on your tongue where for ages they will linger”

“free me Beast, please lead me from this stagnant eternity where i dwell”
“alas” Beast told his fellow captive “i have been given no map or key “
then he waited for the foul taste of those tragic words on his tongue to dispel

Beast lay inside a sarcophagus resting his weary form
Fiend sat brooding atop the sarcophagus like a stature reborn
its angry breaths causing such a draught they kept Beast warm

time hiccuped, then they heard scrapping talon footsteps cautiously approaching
Fiend passed down into the sarcophagus to stand beside Beast to defend him 
for Fiend knew the intended fate of the heartsouls the gods vultures were poaching

knowing Fiend,Beast said, “no my Fiend you must abandon what’s left of me 
for i am your escape,for to destroy me they will release you my shadow “
then vultures did fall on Beast who held on long enough so Fiend could flee

the villagers tell of the dreadful lonesome silence following the howlings 
that come from the mouths of the craggy rock caves facing out from the moon 
where the giant moon shamans say the Fiend of the Beast is at night found prowling
this been the place he found to escape the vultures who sought Beasts heartsoul 
now Fiend lives in a burnt out gypsy rocket shipwreck with a red skinned comet coyote
whose empty eye sockets the local villagers gossip are black as voids coal 
other stories are just as wild, some say in the winter he ate Beasts heartsoul 
To save himself in the white cold barren unforgiving land from starvation 
others say it was to keep the heatsoul safe inside thus making himself more whole

Now in this craggy rocky land he forged his frail essence into almighty hate
Under the guidance of a Cyclops tree that resided on a overlooking hill 
he studied the wisdom of revenge before destiny shuffled the doors of fate
Fates cards began opening trap doors of possibilities for him to ghost walk through.
instead he tripped, falling into a land of grave plots where armies assembled
to celebrate the violence and insanity of running their foes through and through 
for the entertainment of their opposing thumb tyrant gods of the Sandbox 
who would condemn their worshipers flesh to carrion for their pet vultures
who at dusk would to the perches round the coliseum steaming blood bath flock

Fiend wandered out of the whales belly into a agitated state 
the new land he had been dealt into smelt like a dark dank pantry 
he blinked light into his eyes bringing into view a harbor of vulture bait
with dozens of stranded rotting whales beached along the emerald shale shore 
Fiend felt the presence of something large and irrationally dangerous
rising up behind him,slowly he turned and there was a mass city spore

inside the coliseum the armies had each brought up their catapult altars 
they were loading them with their golden virgin rocks mined from the divine womb 
the projectiles the catapults hurled turned many ranks of soldiers into defaulters
from the coliseum pulpits the leaders applause of the chaos echoed like thunder 
as each held their next battle commandment tablets above their blood swollen heads
as one evilgood attack tried canceling out the others next goodevil blunder

the witch held the boats rudder as she blew a gale to full the sail
as the boat skipped joyfully across the grey soup like waters of the lake 
Fiend spun quickly when he heard a boat bite grinding on the emerald shale

Fiend on turning saw a vision through the eye of Beasts soulheart
fog lifted from a field where a
radiant witch harvested red berries 
from her orchard where her giant blue furred Beast followed her with his cart 
in a dance of merriment that filled the dry summer air with laughter 
and the long winter moonless nights with passionate whispering kisses 
neither in their joy asked was this now, then or the eternal hereafter

as Fiend drifted back to the lake shore he found himself standing alone 
where he had thought his love stood,now only a sealed bottle with a note lay prone

to Fiends ears from the coliseum came the sound of clashing shields and swords
as the armies danced to the gods chorus of thundering sarcastic claps 
and the twilight skies filled with the beating wings of the tax collectors hordes

as anger once again flowed into Fiends mind the blue fur that had started to sprout 
round Beasts swollen beating soulheart began to recede as Fiend began to spread 
till his dark sprawling lava like arms encircled the city of the blood baptized devout 
Fiend picked up the city spore as if its immense weight held no meaning for him 
turning he carried the city out into the grey murky waters of the simmering lake 
at his waist height the ground under foot disappeared when he stepped off the emerald rim 
weighed down he sunk with the city,panic held onto his thinking so he couldn’t swim

on the shore the hunter sat holding the witches note in his burnt glove
blindly reading the spell to resurrect her fallen Beast 
“this is the map and key to my door, wake me with your kiss my love”

©bg 2011


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