where my eternity rests

stuck in the swamp
time seems to lose your face
yet i try to taste you in the mud

stuck in the desert
i dig my lips raw in the sand
to feel your skin

at night
i chase the shadows into a frenzy
in my long travels back to you

where in love can i rest
let worries leave on the autumn breeze
and bath in your spring breath

i long to escape from the tyrants errands
that have left me blinded by the mountains
lost in these past swamps and deserts

I tire of fighting off the blood sucking swamp bugs
I long to be loved entwined in your flesh
not these desert weeds
I wish upon fifty thousand stars
to feel the tremors of our passions

I’m bored of immortal tyrants
their false sunset baptisms
their anointing oil
they sell in hermit lamps
to light the false paths I roam
in search of their gimmick rocks
down dead-end trails
to those fossilized ghost towns
where snake oil prophets
sell muted words of praise
intoxicating their victims
with guilty agony
bitten into virgin lips
to carry the poison deep
into a craving heart
where the flames of passion
become fossilized forest
of rotting totem pillars
where the wind carries the wailing
of their broken limbs
gathered for the lovers fire
but alas abandoned to the cold stone world
where the dirt has been eroded away
by armies of gods pissing in the wind

I must now come to you from another reality
from beyond the void of fantasies
where beauty exists in hallowed form

the lame unicorn carries me in her belly
into a world that is to busy spinning webs
to bear witness to my sanguine rebirth
into my lovers catacomb

where my eternity rest

© bg 2011


4 thoughts on “where my eternity rests

  1. I love to pick out a line or two to comment on when it is good; when it is great, I can’t do that. I’ve read, reread and reread this piece; and I keep selecting different lines. Each line is substantial. I can’t choose. im(humble)o, Great!

    For what it is worth, I rarely reread anything, save Shakespeare, scripture and my blogging friend, Amitav.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d like to leave a comment, but reading your poem has left me wordless. I’d like to remark of rhythm, of word-choice, of the fullness of imagery–and of the topic–but to do so I’d soon run out of superlatives. In short, I am impressed.

    Liked by 1 person

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