My legs begone baby
Be long long gone

If you ain’t got no golden rum
Whisky will have to do do do
There ain’t no shame left in me
Pour poor me a glass or two woo-hoo

I said I’m a heading out the door
You screamed where you going now
I said I’m going out that there shut door
Then you poured poor me another rum
I guess i ain’t never making it
On my own two legs
out that there bloody shut door

My legs begone baby
They be long long gone

If you can’t hear my beating drum
Maybe a kiss or two will do do do
There ain’t no shame left in me
Pour poor me a glass then let’s skidoo

I sold you my suicide dreams
We pulled down the blinds
We Never left that room
All the angels found
Was one empty rum bottle
Hanging legless
Hanging legless
From the coat hook
On the back of that bloody shut door
Mirrored by the lonely mirror
Hanging by another hook

that bloody shut door

The legs be gone baby
They be long long gone
We ain’t going nowhere now
Cause our legs be gone gone gone

©bg 2016

26 thoughts on “Skidoo

  1. “There must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams – not through her own fault but because of the colossal vitality of his illusion.” The Great Gatsby

    Each time I hit “publish”, I feel a lot like Daisy (the girl, NOT the razor).

    Thanks for sharing the post.


  2. I found your legs.
    I smashed your rear view mirror.
    I gave you the shirt off my back.
    I fed you.
    I carried you.
    I knit a cap for you head.
    And then there was the incident with an anesthetized cat and a pink, disposable razor…

    I’m just that kind of friend. (tune in on Thursday for the rest…)

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