collector of skeletons

All the heroes’ faces are narrow
Loose canons in their britches
The legend Hood is dead in a barrow
Where’s the money for the pastors wine


Don’t worry sweet maiden
I’ll rob Mylitta blind
You’ll love her water urchin
We’ll toast our child with stolen wine


Drunken deer drag my sleigh
Across this dark carousel land
I have fled many a lover’s fray
But I return
For I’m the collector of skeletons


You’ll wait purely for me sweet maiden
Till the novel dragon devours all your flesh
Then I’ll return your glorified troubadour goblin
To whisper a dire line to late for succulent passion

Remember I’m the collector of skeletons

 ©bg 2010


12 thoughts on “collector of skeletons

  1. The collector did not disappoint.

    The story will be up tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it!

    (Do you have any additional numbers for us to dance to, now that I have returned your legs? Your two left feet haven’t been a problem thus far. Mine barely touch the ground…)

    Liked by 1 person

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