11 thoughts on “Clown Moves On

  1. My marvelous Muse, my brain took “ketchup” and “Dear John letters” and your three onion-ring circus and ended up with a little tale about a spark of a rumor that burned a forest down. (Weird how that works, isn’t it?)

    That tasty morsel will be up on Thursday. (Bring your own condiments, just don’t spill them on the carpet).

    Have a wonderful weekend (and stay out of fast food restaurants…)!

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    • I try to stay away but I luv me a Carl jnr bourbon Burger at least once a month and this month’s almost up lol 🙃
      You have a great weekend Tanya with your pen and kids 🙃

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  2. Your short poem in 18 words, inspired my 3 Six Word Shorts:

    Flaming fast food frenzy…coronary death.

    Three ring circus clown can’t hide.

    Blanket: soft, enveloping, soothing – hiding place.

    (Grand total: 18 words)

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