Through the door frame

In a time long before I could say cheese
The craggy old tree swayed in a breeze

Her twigs cradling safely a baby goon
While she sung a lullaby softly out of tune

To enlighten
a very tone deaf sleeping sprog

As to Why
“the old lady had swallowed a frog”

©bg 2010


28 thoughts on “Through the door frame

  1. Thank you, bg. I’m glad you liked him! His photo was worth a lot of words, and he most definitely is “bad arse”, especially for all the winged creatures that want to damage my house.

    Speaking of winged things, you literally saw my owl. I don’t know if you are raising me a condor or not, but I am curious to see how your next post takes flight!

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    • Thanks for reminding me🙃, not very well.i re started another story I abandoned a few years ago and it’s proving more time consuming than I thought .but I’ll get there in the end 🙃how was the salesman?


      • Isn’t that half the battle with writing?…just raw persistence (that and being willing to bleed words from your heart)…The play was wonderful! Brian Mani played the lead of Willy Loman. I watched him play Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsor last year. If I hadn’t known he was the same actor, I wouldn’t have known. He was made to play Loman, I think. He blessed that character with so much complexity and depth…funny and troubling and charming and horrible. It was a joy to watch…one of those “over in ten minutes” type plays.


    • Morning Tanya, I had a accident with your last comment, I accidentally deleted it. I was reading about your play and the actor, I was doing this on the cell Ph app and poof your comment just disappeared. On the cell app there’s the trash button and Ive done it before (not to you) when I’m scrolling up and I brush the silly thing. Anyway a thousand apologies and you were right about bleeding words but right now I got a blood clot lol 🙃

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      • No apologies needed, but thanks for letting me know! I wouldn’t normally wish someone a day where they can actively start bleeding…but we are talking words, and clots are no fun! Lol

        I am going to go get me un-clotted and type up another chapter in the next book (as it looks like rain all pm here). Have a wonderful day, bg (time-zone dependent, of course!)


      • I tried to respond to you, and I think I lost my response…Lol…talk about blood clots.

        Thanks for letting me know, bg! Hope your next post is taking flight…I normally wouldn’t wish injury on anyone, but may you bleed many beautiful words…Lol


    • Hi Tanya, luv your owl, having 1 eye makes him look really bad arse 🙃
      I really like your Amos, I think he was also very disciplined, I’ve tried hanging up my burdens but they always have wings and land back on my shoulders 🙃 very enjoyable read

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    • I felt a bit preachy on that comment hope sue dosn’t take offense none was meant.
      I’m pleased you liked it as a bit of a pace change.
      re blogging today, Well my neighbors bathroom light came on and I hadn’t drawn the curtains correctly so “splash” in the face with diluted toilet window light.anyway I tickled myself awake with that thought and decided If I wasn’t going to sleep in on a Sunday morn I’d throw some old words out… So to speak. How’s your writing coming along for Monday’s showing?

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    • Yes and no Lol ….she swallowed the frog (spider was how I learnt it) to catch the fly, ends up dying cause she swallowed a horse of course 😊 anyway it was about why we do things .things we get taught in the cradle, that we do till we thing leads to another Etc etc . So yes people knowing the rhyme is important ,maybe I should of thrown in a link . But it was more for people to meditate on if they had the time than for me to fully explain. Hope you enjoy it more now. I feel explaining spoils it as I like to stare at a painting without people telling me what it’s about. Oh this is long winded sorry ,cheers for reading 😊

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    • Whew, I’m glad you enjoyed. Your right not my usual , every now and then strange stuff spews out of me lol 😊very pleased you left your thoughts as your comment made me chuckle in agreement 😊

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