Girl 8 Suicides

would’ve loved
an angel
dressed as a girl
gasoline tears




From her
divine eyes

mud puddles
duck web feet

the puddles
of gasoline tears

A blazing
angels feather


Gods child


Β©bg 2010

43 thoughts on “Girl 8 Suicides

      • In my box, that emoji showed up as an empty rectangle…Lol

        If that is a secret alien emoji sign, I have interpreted it to mean, “You are so clever and smart and charming, Tanya”…Lol

        (of course, I am open to other interpretations…)

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      • Lol, oh dear, it’s meant to be an upside down smiley face. I’ve left it a lot but if it’s a square no wonder you’ve never commented on it. Anyway it was just a silly bit of humor. Cause your on the other side of the world I’d send you an upside down smiley then when you got it it’ll be up the right way. Silly I know but I thought it’d be fun you wondering why I sent u a upside down smiley. Back fired on me you probably thought I was calling u a square. Anyway all squares are upside down smiley faces. But I’ll do normal smiley faces from now on just turn your screen upside down for correction of image lol 😊😊

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  1. It took some effort (and a little research) to unfold this poem. If I have connected all the dots correctly, then, yes, Mozart would have indeed loved this scenario…Brilliant, bg!

    The rest of that conversation is a novel for a different day…

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      • There can be different interpretations to a poem like this, clearly…but I dug into Mozart’s background a bit. I was aware of his troubled life and overbearing father. What I didn’t know about him previously is that he was a dedicated Freemason. (if I’ve headed down a rabbit hole with that, I will trust my Masked Muse Avenger to pull me out)

        Monday’s post is ready to go…ETA 11a.m. Central Time Zone (US)…all those hours of foot tapping are good exercise, bg…Lol (hope you like it, btw)

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      • So now we are waltzing…Lol. You have my number one. My number two would take into account that Mozart was also a Roman Catholic. My number three would read the poem as a cautionary tale of a man sympathetically drawn into a destructive relationship with a woman who was not what she seemed to be.

        I would so love to hear your three; but if not, I will wait with my foot a-tapping for your Friday’s post, wondering what kind of tune you will dream up next.

        btw, I successfully (I hope) captured the voice for my Thursday post…had to shatter some crystal to do it…Lol

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      • Thank you, you’ll see why in a few weeks, I hope as working on a rather large story and been a male alien I’m not very good at multitasking lol. πŸ™ƒ

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  2. I’ll see your Mozart and raise you…well, ME (trust me, dear Mozart has nothing on this).
    Monday’s post is for the brave of heart. Of course, as my Masked Muse Avenger, you are all of that by definition (swinging around me through the world wide web…Lol)

    bg, not only am I real, I only ever write from my heart. Pathetically, I know no other way to do it. There are a lot of things I don’t share for good reason; but if I have shared it, it is real and from my real heart.

    Thursday’s post is still churning, like “warm butta…”
    I’m having fun with it…


    • Yes you are meant to question that line.😊
      Re book, it is my friend Tanya who is writing the books.
      Thank you for your well wishes and please enjoy the air you breath, I appreciated your feedback thank you 😊

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  3. Testing…testing…

    I also love the underlying theme of deception – the blazing angel feather/Lucifer’s kiss. It is a classic theme, and you put your “bg” highly creative, twisting, bending (mind bending, that is) stamp on it.

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      • Talking of which how’s your book going did your children approve of the chapters you’d written. I discovered last night your real and this will be your second book. Which is fantastic. Keep bleeding dem words πŸ™ƒπŸŽΆ

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      • My oldest son has read through the first two chapters. He came down the steps grinning from ear to ear. It is a darker start than book 1, but he loved it. I have it under wraps now until I get through it all…another 8 weeks, I’m hoping. And then editing…That is its own project…but you know all about that. Then there is the “other” book…I’m very drawn to that project. (the soft satire novel about the outpatient psych. days)

        Yes, I am real…pinching myself to be certain…and you definitely are my masked muse avenger…

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      • If I can swing it, I am hoping to “test” the voice of that satire novel next week on the blog. I probably won’t announce it as such on my blog; but you are now forever my masked muse avenger (something you will never live down…Lol), and I’ll be curious to hear your take on it. I’ll let you know if it is a go or not ahead of time…

        Have a wonderful weekend and do watch out for those blazing angel feathers…that is when you need to cut your losses and run…Lol

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      • Well I’m up for that, I’ll get my cape mended afterwards as no doubt since I like black humor (the non racist variety) my cape will be in tears of laughter and require stitches lol πŸ™ƒ

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  4. Brilliant and haunting, bg. (glad you left the humor tag off…Lol)

    I am classically trained on flute, and Mozart was always my favorite to play. This piece hits me the same way Mozart’s Requiem does…brilliant and haunting.

    I loved the pitter, patter repetition, btw.

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