Creatures of Habit

The cats killed the bird


I find the same old feathers
Dusting the floor

As like a caged animal

I pace
back and forth
Back and forthBack and forth
Back and forth
Back and forth Back and forth
Back and forth

Over the  


Worn path

I take to bed

Each night

after the hunt

Some……………would say

another bird


I know  it’s the same

The same


The same


The same


The same


The same



P  a

E  g

T  a

I  i

T n


The same

It’s the god dam

Same bloody bird

©bg 2010

158 thoughts on “Creatures of Habit

  1. Hey what a great poem. I’m not 100% sure what it’s about but the repetitive cyclical nature of the activity and the word appetite suggests something to do with addiction or obsession. Certainly when I was doing cocaine 22 hours a day or crazy OCD checking rituals for 12 hours a day it was the same bloody bird that got dragged in day after day…

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  2. Hi, bg!

    It’s me again.

    I was peRouseing your comments. I don’t know what that means. Do you, bg? I think you are really smart, bg! I’m just a little monkey.

    I was swinging through your comments. What is Bananaphobia? Who is Dr. Fraud? Can you really roast marshmallows on your toes, bg? I’m impressed! I like roast marshmallows, especially with a big banana.

    Is that too many questions?

    Are you laughing? bye, bg!

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  3. Hi, bg! I like this. I’m giving it a 10 out of 10 bananas (my banana stock is growing).

    I loved the word “deSigher”. It is positively yummy. You are a genius! I will never spell it the right way again. Ah, I deSigher a big banana! Do you know where I can get one of those?

    People call me inCourageable. I don’t know what that means. Do you, bg? If you do, would you please explain it to me. I’m just a little monkey, after all.

    Can I start a bg fan club?

    Is that too many questions?

    Are you laughing? bye, bg!

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    • Yes I patted myself on the back when that popped out lol.
      You are a little curious monkey 😊🍌🍌🍌
      Well I’d have to stay annoyingly anonymous allow I think my mask is way cooler than that anonymous group.cheers for the thought Tho. 😊😊😊🍌🍌

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      • No, no, bg…A “fan” club. I thought I would bring over some banana leaf fronds and “fan” the fire at your feet so I could roast me some marshmallows, ‘cuz that sounded yummy, especially if you top it with a big banana.

        Mask? What Mask?

        You mean your not really blue? I’m inQuizative. I can’t help it. It’s just the way my little primate brain works. Some people say I am kinda cute though…Lol

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      • No I’m not really blue just yet but the full force of winter hasn’t hit yet. I think your cute too little monkey so I’ll give you a few more bananas. 😊🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

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      • Oh, thank you, bg…

        I like big bananas! But, if I fan the fire at your feet with my banana leaf fronds, how in the world would you ever grow cold?

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      • Yes, bg…I’ll never allow you to freeze. I’m a good little flame fanner…Is that even a thing?

        Fanner, fannar, fannor, fannir, fannur, fannyr…Nope, they all show that weird red line…fannimalia, fannonkey, fanninator…Nope, more red lines…Not sure what that means, but I don’t think it’s good.

        Of course, I flunked monkey grammar school…too busy eating yummy bananas and swinging on vines…Lol

        fanninundator (try saying THAT quickly three times), fanndoramic, fanndingor…

        fanndinkorator (ok, that’s just weird)…

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      • Well you can’t fan any flames with those…

        You need banana leaf fronds to do it properly. I’m certified…not sure in what though..

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      • monkey: Can I ask you a question, bg?

        bg: You just did.

        monkey: What do you mean?

        bg: That was two.

        monkey: Two what?

        bg: Little monkey, that was three.

        monkey: Three what, bg?

        bg: Questions, little monkey, and that was four.

        monkey: Four questions? No, no I only have one. Can I ask you my one question, bg?

        and so on…

        Title: The Strictly Serious and Otherwise Maddening Implications of Attempting an Age Appropriate or Otherwise Sensible Answer to the Question of a Wildly Adorable but Otherwise Confused Primate

        (Do you think the title is too long? Drat…another question…Lol

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      • bg, I heard you might be running out of bananas:


        We can’t allow that to happen, can we?

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  4. About a year ago, I had an interesting dream about a unique bird…

    It is one of those that always stuck with me. You would find it fascinating. I’m not sharing that little gem, however, unless you want to know.

    Your talent with these is extraordinary.

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  5. I pace
    back and forth
    Back and forthBack and forth
    Back and forth
    Back and forth Back and forth
    Back and forth

    Sounds like your protagonist had his equilibrium busted…Lol
    Excellent. Love the visuals, bg.

    You posted “birds”, and I posted “bees”…He, he…

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