One thought on “a fools haiku

  1. I love this, bg! Of course, I’m partial to all winged things…Lol (except blood sucking insects)

    True story: Little monk was visiting out in the country one weekend, and I stayed up half the night by my lonesome reclined in a chair on a deck stargazing. I was very relaxed when a huge owl swooped down from the roof and flew over me just a few feet from my head. It startled me so much, I nearly fell out of my chair…(lucky it didn’t catch me and eat me…Lol)

    Busted my old sour grapefruit gun though…that’s when I switched to bananas. It was a HUGE improvement…lmao🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🙈

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