a teaching haiku

child tears up art work
there’s no rainbow child can paint
that’ll guise childs malice

©bg 2016


45 thoughts on “a teaching haiku

    • lol ,well some might say it’s a bending/breaking of the rules depending if you believe haiku’s have rules, a purest could/might say the 17 count that the English writers use is incorrect ,some might say i’m taking liberties calling my poems haiku’s in the first place or poems at all ☺ but then is one a poet if one doesn’t break or bend the rules lol ☺. no worries re dropping by your blog, i enjoyed your blog and you know it made me smile my friend and thanks for swinging by mine and asking such an entertaining ?☺


    • Hi Ankur ,the child in my haiku is a metaphor the 2nd line should give the clue as to who i was comparing to a child which leads me to be the bearer of bad news and i hate to be the one to burst your bubble but children are not honest , from a very early age (2-3)they start practicing to deceive and only get better at it with practice.thank you for you feedback always appreciate folks taking the time to comment and also my apologies if you were using child as a metaphor in your feedback .😊


  1. I loved this one to, bg!
    I wonder if that child was sad when the canvass was destroyed?
    I felt kinda bad when my grapefruit gun broke 😢…well, and kinda angry too😡 I had only ever worked in sour citrus up tot hat point… (i looked like an orangutan, but NOT for my usual blushing)…had it not happened, I would have never discovered the joy of the BANANAGUN. 🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🙈

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    • dr fraud says “well little monk did you make the gun then break the gun on purpose because u were angry with how it worked ?” yes the banana gun is a beauty .glad you enjoyed the haiku little monk 🎃🔫🍌.

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      • Lol…remember, it broke when the wise owl flew over my head. It all happened so quickly, but I do recall dropping it and smashing it underfoot. I don’t miss it. It used to backfire all the time and squirt me in the eye…stung something terrible (try swinging on a vine with stinging, closed eyes…good way to smack into a tree…Lol) The bananagun is a huge improvement. Yours is way cooler than mine though…🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🍌🙈

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      • dr fraud remembered. he said little monks and childs situation different and wondered if little monk not telling whole story and little monks guilt is leaking out . lol 😆 🎃🔫🍌

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      • Lol…well, if you made a gun, and it kept backfiring and squirting you in the eyes with painful citrus juice, you would be angry with your gun, wouldn’t you? (there is my guilty admission. I hated that stupid gun. All it was good for was little squirts anyway and most of those landed in my own eyes.) So, little monk took advantage of the moment the owl flew overhead to crush said/sad gun (my feathered wakeup call)…and built a new gun centered around an entirely different fruit group…🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
        (course you, being in possession of a .44 magnana banana gun, should be familiar with the advantages of that particular fruit…Lmao)

        Is that better?🙈

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      • dr fraud is too smart 4 monk…
        but do warn dr fraud that 4 his cleverness, he was won the job of my confessor…(let me know when to begin and prepare your giggle jar…i have some good ones)
        Yes, the banana gun is so much more fun too play with…I don’t miss the old backfiring citrus one at all…
        And your banana gun is my favorite one of all to play with, bg…🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🙈


      • Lol…maybe its me begging 4 mercy in the face of all those bananaguns…

        Confessions…let me think on that (will u promise togive me a banana gun absalutetion if i do?…Lol…oh, i know…behave little monk…im trying..)🙈

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      • no…not “funny little monk”…you are supposed tosay “behave little monk”…or..not…Lol🙈
        Do u have too feel guilty about it to make it confession worthy? (that’s a good one 4 dr fraud..)

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      • Lol…ok, i will give u one that i feel a bit guilty about…i have an elderly relative who has lost most of her eyesight. some cousins and i were visiting her one day not to long ago and she went to a lot of effort to make chocolate chip cookies for us…
        at least thats what she called them…BUT we took them outta the oven and
        they were green like olives.. and they smelled strange…like something was heated up that wasnt supposed to be heated up almost metallic strange…

        of course she couldnt see that and she couldnt smell it either. she was sooooo proud of making the cookies. i looked all over the kitchen to try and figure out wtf she put in those cookies. my first thought was green food coloring instead of vanilla…but she didnt have any (vanilla or food coloring)…i checked the garbage and everything.
        she kept all of her assortment of medications on her kitchen counter though…
        anyway we “pretended” to eat the cookies with great fanfare…crumbled them up…threw them away…and made a big deal about it.

        then she asked 4 a cookie…we
        told her we loved them so much we ate the entire 2 pans of them (there were only 3 of us…)…none left…

        i feel guilty because she is a lovely lady who would have been horrified that she likely medicated and poisoned her cookies and probably been more careful next time. instead of just telling her the mistake my cousins and i warned everyone else and everyone else thought it was funny…’cuz it is kinda funny…but it was naughty to…it turned into a mean joke at her expense…oh, the GUILT…
        yes, im a naughty little monk…🙈
        u can spank me now…

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      • or, you could have ended up with the bladdercontrol variety and not been able too urinate for a week…not pretty…Lol
        (do u know what kind of meds they put old ladies on?…if u were lucky u would get the antidepressant…Lol)🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿🍌🙈


      • if you do spank me, i might endup right back in confession…
        is that a viscious cycle, dr fraud, or a vital one?…lol🙈 (u didnt tell me to behave)

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      • hehe…well, I’m always open to bg tips on the topic…(oh wait was that pg? pg-13? r?…ohno that would be misbehaving tips…lol…i dont need any of those)…😇🙈😇🌿🍌🌿🍌🌿
        ping…any bg tips for me?

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      • He, he…a DOUBLE bananagun, and a praying guy…to funny
        are u begging me to stop or to write more?…i knows u likes feather tickles…🍌🌿😊🙈

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