fatalities crossing rivers

dogs leap
from the curb
into the road
like a suicidal verb
like the hard as road
was a Crystal clear river
full of delectable fish
tasting of lamb liver

a car swerves  
and fishtails
in its rearview mirror
doggies stand wagging tails
they don’t see
the times killer​ whales

starry-eyed teen couple
paw each other
oblivious to the World
to its carnage that lovers suffer
they push-pull and then nip kiss
in lovers code
before playfully leaping in bliss
into the hard road
like it was a safe meandering brook
to go skinny fucking dipping in
without so much as a second look
past the light of a leering moon
unaware of the fatalities caused
as two hearts collide in a swoon

in a rearview mirror it’ll look
like a scene from Very Sorry
where a lumbering farting lorry
the lovable
the snuggable
Street mutts
sheesh what a mess

© bg 2013

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