kissing my one true love adiue

well i got me a woman who done gone disappeared
i went to find her in a wreck that just won’t change gear
broke down just a little before the lights turned salt eyed red
i gotta know babe why didn’t you stay in our cold cold bed
you gotta tell me before i unload this gun full of cold cold lead

i know i’d come home drunk and stinking of rum and you’d spew
i know you’d scream at me that i loved the bottle more than you
and you know i’d always swear to ya that, that just wasn’t true
but i know when you saw my lips kissing the bottle’s you knew
i guess i lied to your face cause i’d hate to see your eyes turn blue

well i gotta say my love gave me some kind of lost direction
i’m just stroking this gun thinking bout natural selection
raindogs have pews and you always called them curbs of reflection
well i’m sitting on one now waiting for a taxi back to my past
cause i know a road ahead without my love will leave the past unsurpassed

i woke up this morning with her back in my old unmade bed
my shrivelled purpled heart looking at her as if she were dead
she asked me if i brought her Flowers,i shook my guilt hung head
i could tell her the truth because she’d already turned a drowned blue
waiting for my parched lips that were still trying to kiss my one true love adiue

© bg 2013


20 thoughts on “kissing my one true love adiue

  1. I say WOW! I don’t know where you’re coming from when you wrote this but it really strikes my heart… It makes me feel going back to the times when my husband was still alive…and it makes me feel sad at the same time…
    It is perfectly written and you just triggered all the happy and sad memories…
    You are an effective writer!

    Liked by 1 person

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