the creation of shit holes

donald trump
took a dump
on the world
as his tongue unfurled
he licked the west clean
as under his ruling thumb
the mexican jumping bean
he tried to crush like a crumb

the rest he left shit hole brown
as he adjusted his golden crown
like the Wests kings and queens
who raped and plundered the Rest
leaving those lands in smithereens
once upon a time in history
when under the elites yoke
the rest suffered so much misery


 the capitalists got the joke
and they took over the yoke
raping and plundering
till those countries were broke
and they needed loans and aid
guess who sold them a band-aid
without cleaning up their mess
while playing their Monopoly chess


twas those
with an upturned nose
who say their arses are smart
for knowing the shit holes of the globe
cause that’s where they go farts
and to do their business
and practice their dark arts
without any witnesses
to be totally fair
i guess they’ll shit anywhere
including over their own
that they feel they don’t own
cause they think
they’re not homegrown


to be totally fair
they’ll go anywhere
if laws say youse behaves
if at home their slaves
demand a better wage
why they’ll just move off stage
and leave their hometown
a living moaning ghost town
shit hole they have made
dear mother

©bg 2018