eternities devils


birds flew



people wearing mask 

me in mine

nothing new

hiding corpse blue

how do they breathe 


in their deceased beliefs 

wearing wrist watch wreaths 

while i don’t write 


the world took its toll

from rocky peaks i roll

i was just a delusion 

that angels flew


wings disengaged 







shot round 


©by bg 2020 

19 thoughts on “eternities devils

      • zoom is good for virtual catch up . while under level 4 we celebrated quite a few milestones for family members including a birth .🙂 great you and family keeping safe. best thing is wearing a mask so cctv cannot track you so easily.
        keep being well my friend and staying above the bloody fray 🙂

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      • Congratulations on the new family member. Our family did FaceTime for Thanksgiving dessert. Wife and I always wear masks and avoid crowds, and I am fortunate to be able to work from home. 19-year-old daughter doing remote learning for college, and she is careful as well, but can’t keep her under lock and key, so she has tested quite often and we all keep distance and wear masks at home when any chance of exposure.

        When all hell broke loose earlier this year I said I could Greta Garbo this MF standing on my head for at least a year, but I do miss friends and doing “normal” things. Walking and yardwork are fine, but we all, with the exception of Trump, need real human interaction.

        Nice to hear you are hanging in there…

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      • great to hear you and family are safe . i’m lucky where i live .we had a government that put lives before economy and we touch wood are community covid free. i feel for you folk over there in usa . i hear vaccines are on there way so you will have a safer environment soon. kindest regards 🙂bg


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