Sin ,Yeah….. Nah

why do we all need to bee 
Put in tacky boxes of sin
Can’t we just stick to right or wrong
While we drink our bottles of gin
Finding topics in a burning bin

True or false have got us lost
Up or down science can’t tell
There's a line but where do we cross
Jesus stood us up at the well
We all caught the devil when he fell

Stones are heavy when gathered
so we all throw around our shit
These days it's far to heavy
So it won’t go down as wit
But it would be golden moonlit

The elites wrote the books
To convince us to judge ourselves
Cause while we are navel gazing
They will burn our bookshelves
Colonialism makes us satan's elves

Long ago i believed in freedom
Now i know it’s but a sinfulled lie
Like all the other foolish words
bantered around to get people to die
To stop the falling of a gods sky

© by bg 2021

Ok , so, I was having a read around this morning , being a complete stud, jumping from one blogger's bed to another when this post lit a fuse and exploded . i mean i was just gonna post a comment but then went full leather poem on it .
Anyways link below to the cause of the creation of this poem .There were, are other causes. Too many to mention. This was just the killa 🙂

10 thoughts on “Sin ,Yeah….. Nah

  1. hahaha i am intrigues to have set you off in such an animated direction. if you had fun with that, then have a really good look around because there is a heck of alot more where that came from; it’s like an atomic centrifuge over there 👋😁, very high energy and super reactive material 👌😂💯. Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the honorable mention and thanks for leaving a comment.

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