a tanka by a wanka 10 vladimir putin

there's a Vladimir
a cur who likes to putin
mothers cry pullout
i'm not a nato he laughs
ploughing on with his sickle

©bg 2022

authors notes
nato - North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
nato means -no action talk only.
women use this expression to describe a certain type of man.

a reaping haiku ⚰️⚰️

teaching standards bomb 
grim reapers cluster round schools
to collect their kids

©bg 2022

authors notes -between 2018 and 2019 i wrote a collection of reaping haikus about gun violence of which i only ended up posting one.
the russians invasion sadly prompted me to post a second one,. i chose this one as its been reported the russian army is using cluster bombs , i rewrote the 1st line to fit as originally this was about mass shootings and the second line took on a new horrible meaning..