rigor mortis 
is the shattered mirrors seasons
suicidal butterflies
close their books autum leaves
alien stranded
in fermenting solitude after a grim harvest
seed insights
scatter across null's omni multiverse
lost worlds
destroyed within thoughts of a gods madness

insanity bathing
in milky darkness developing clarity
faded memories
just dogeared porno magazine pages
drunken sonnets
tie up lovers slurred yarn tongues
goosebumps form
so the blind can read their cold lover

poets recitation
tortures their reflective commedian soul
nail gun barbs
ejaculation leaves exclamation pock marks
flayed pens
are dragged to the edge again and again
geriatric poems
beaten quietly into time's dusty annals

expression train
lies derailed along needle tracks
piano typewriter
clanks out discordant sticky notes
guilty sentences
string up urinating marionettes
vacant spectators
defecate malignant tumour rumours

©bg 2022

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