poopling soup recipes #60

there was a cat in an untagged box 
who drew the hidden in a grey smock
she sent her poop by post
to her unknown host
to claim dead or alive she's a fox

©bg 2022

author's notes- not a Limerick it's a lymberbrick

13 thoughts on “poopling soup recipes #60

  1. Dear bg,

    Your limerick is well done!

    I notice that it contains the words “box” and “fox” terminating lines 1 and 5 respectively. It just happens that I like collaborative poetry, an instance of which also has the words “box” and “fox”.

    On 23 May, my friend Michaël Janssen composed a haiku as follows:

    Crafty fox you are,
    a danger in the hen house,
    run before the hunt.

    Later on the same day, I created one as follows:

    Crafty box you are,
    a stranger in the penthouse,
    fun before the shunt.

    Keep up the good work, bg. Happy December to you!

    Yours sincerely,

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