symptoms 2

skyscrapers maws 
chew on flaming paper plane memos
vain statues
crumble reflecting the autumn of their posers
rock climbers
cling to the optimistic cliff face even as they fall
spin doctors
deliver gullible babies into a nation's house
cannon fodder
fertilise the next generation of ripe sacrifices

wrecking balls
swing from steeples hidden under church bell frocks
political podiums
stand on immorality termite mounds of ignorance
soap boxes
fail to cleanse the befouled mouths of prophets
cult fish
follow jet streams into burnt cloud pies in the sky
crooked fingers
burn blessings with their erring judging touch

light bulb
flickers between realities dark and illusionments light
paint brush
smears canvas to erase the artist of their corrupt form
spoken words
launch wagging tongue missiles from buried hidden silos
old goat
propagandist regurgitates their tails while spewing shit
infinities road
is paved with the genocidal godheads of extinct tribes

old nag
staggers as the burdens of crossing the finish line nears
dodo birds
waddle down to the street corner to have a flutter
bucket head
dinosaurs play missing link with lizard people
roulette wheel
turns with the speed of an evolving species
dystopian heart
is the hole in civilisations dead man hand

©bg 2022

symptoms 1

blood wine 
transfusion irrigates with drowning confusion
raindrop entrails
slide down a drain to pollute oceans
seasick lemons
scream "down the hatch" throwing back salt
torpedoed subs
rise up choking liver spotted bottle necks
kraken lives
inside a washed up bottle on a drunks burley
fishing lines
haul in their suicidal thought of the day anchors

excavators beaks
pick at heavens bloody cloud scabs
cockroach reality
escapes lucid narcissists dreams
genie wishes
transcends scientific tested explanations
speaking telephones
exhale opium dreamt up dialogue
chaos priests
assemble greed guided algorithm puns
religious pilgrims
follow the terminological inexactitude axis

callused prayers
lip synced platitudes bring to heel the masses
parachute whooshes
dandelion ideological spores terraform media
deceased estates
prepare for religious inherited taxed grief
fermented rains
acid infusion etches under umbrella skins
weeping pus
oozes out through the taxidermy scars
votive candles
melt into cadaver's extinguished eye sockets

mythos carved
scriptures into the bones of societies
composer's bowel
blasts irritable music beat box syndromes
grandfather clocks
enslaved cogs to golden their hands
mannequins clog
societies idealists broken conveyor system
boner rifles
black goop seals sarcophaguses pouty lips
robotic dogs
fetch the moons their extinct titans threw away

©bg 2022


rigor mortis 
is the shattered mirrors seasons
suicidal butterflies
close their books autum leaves
alien stranded
in fermenting solitude after a grim harvest
seed insights
scatter across null's omni multiverse
lost worlds
destroyed within thoughts of a gods madness

insanity bathing
in milky darkness developing clarity
faded memories
just dogeared porno magazine pages
drunken sonnets
tie up lovers slurred yarn tongues
goosebumps form
so the blind can read their cold lover

poets recitation
tortures their reflective commedian soul
nail gun barbs
ejaculation leaves exclamation pock marks
flayed pens
are dragged to the edge again and again
geriatric poems
beaten quietly into time's dusty annals

expression train
lies derailed along needle tracks
piano typewriter
clanks out discordant sticky notes
guilty sentences
string up urinating marionettes
vacant spectators
defecate malignant tumour rumours

©bg 2022

the whirlpool

the old fleabag stared into his cup 
ever since he was a drowned runt pup
watching it runneth over empty
in a land where bones were a plenty
yet banks wouldn't let him dig any out
so he chewed off a leg to save his snout
stole a bath to sail troubled waters
tempted by neptune's buried daughters
the fleabag growled just my boneless luck
as he paddled in circles till stuck
a passing whale gave a farewell wink
as he pulled the plug out of his sink

©bg 2022

under the mountain

lands have no given names 
only snow men piss on
to draw their border frames

to create a mountain that sags
under their hoisted false flags
with children stuffed body bags

they baptise their old lands
in other peoples blood
so their power expands

to grow their mountain that sags
under their hoisted false flags
with children stuffed body bags

treaties diarrhoea yellows
snow caps hide bald headed lies
cold feet for our bed fellows

on their mountain that sags
under their hoisted false flags
where children stuff body bags

religions fill us with famine
our bellyaches full of lost arms
loading our heads into canons

on their mountain that sags
under their hoisted false flags
maggots ooze from stuffed body bags

©bg 2022

authors notes- religions means both standard meaning but also means a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion (such as capitalism ,communism, commercialism


canons hopefully words prior should give image of a cannon while also meaning canon
(a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged.
as well as it's more common use of a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine.)
meanings are thanks to oxford .

a shorn turd

there once 
was a mannequin called sean hannity
who played
with the man boob of inhumanity
he lied
on air to feed insanity
to breed
high ratings with disunity
to blow
his Trumpets fake life sucking vanity

©bg 2021

johnny doe’s lament

lifes a bit boring 
without the whoring
without the drugs
and ecstasy hugs
without the drink
we'd never see pink
without deadly sins
life never begins
we'd just remain clay
for the sculptures to flay

everyone hates lies
until someone dies
then what whoppers they tell
forgetting to send us to hell
never speaking ill
our lives they distil
to cure our cyst and boils
they cover us in salted soils
so our stories don't grow
here on earth's death row
no ones left to verify
that we all could fly

© bg 2021