poopling soup recipes #56

there was a cuckoo who hated clocks 
he prefered to nest down at the docks
watch the souls ship out west
on a ship called the jest
that cuckoo waiting in odd worn socks

©bg 2022

author's notes- not a Limerick it's a lymberbrick

poopling soup recipes #66

there was a pot of frocked leprechauns
that buggered with vigor their flock's fawns
when caught they fled back home
to their wizard the gnome
to draw their new flocks using crayons

©bg 2022

authors notes- not a Limerick it's a lymberbrick

poopling soup recipes #103

there's a compulsive liar called jones
whose phone exposed his rotten cell bones
he's full of hot foul air
that killed all the care bears
while raising a brood of faciest clones

©bg 2022

author's notes- not a Limerick it's a lymberbrick

poopling soup recipes #22

a god passed a tortphant one gray day 
that liked to eat cakes of clay and hay
he bathed in spiced gold rum
when he was feeling glum
until the glum feelings did allay

©bg 2022

authors notes- not a Limerick it's a lymberbrick

tortphant-a tortoise crossed with an elephant

poopling soup recipes #99

there was a species called pooman 
who thought gods gave them acumem
so they built a sex bomb
to kiss goodnight at prom
their love preserved in bitumen

©bg 2022

authors notes- not a Limerick it's a lymberbrick

pooman- like a human but shittier

the sins of the father

Bullyboy stopped
hitting me
with his
storm twisted
windmill blades
when he began
in the schools
cleaning closet
i had the
key for
bottles of gin
he sold
lunch time
on fridays

his customers
emo seagulls
that flocked
and the
type cast
cool lads
and the
hot girls
they had
parties with

Bullyboy would
drop by
now and then
i'd finished
my work of
mopping away
the days
off the floors

he'd twist
open a bottle
sit at the
teacher's desk
over gin
we were
old friends

he'd been an altar boy
he'd killed his pet dog
then his folks split up
his older brother
was a
retired lay assistant
as well
now an
entrepreneuring bootlegger
they lived with their dad
a womanising pilot
Bully's girlfriend
was one of those
"hot new
asian girls"
when she kissed him
"her tongue
his mouth
like a stiff
little cock"
he told

as a student
joined the army
got the boot
for shooting
his instructor
sergeant Arse
in the arse
and had
at some point
exited the world
stage right
by the time
3 worn out
years on
i trudged
one bright day
to find a
fantail flying
in and out
of our
wolf proof house

had been chattering
the towns border fence
with old Iris
our neighbour
had dark news
" Rumple
you remember
Father Clown who
chased after us
to get you
to be his
altar boy
well he's just
been locked up
sexually molesting
those poor souls

my gut chunned
my head spun
i finally

©bg 2022

authors note
In Māori mythology, the pīwakawaka (fantail) was responsible for the presence of death in the world.So seen in a house is thought to be bad luck as it is seen as a harbinger of death.
in my poem pīwakawaka is just the harbinger of bad news.

the one that got away

she was 
in my
heavens orbit
drank rum
drank water
smoking a cig

lets go back
to yours
she said
interrupting me
on my way
to finishing
my faith

in and out
she weaved
speeding ahead
of me
through expensive
late night shopping
traffic crashes

crazy bitch
i yelled
at bob
the wailing
car radio
don't know
wheres i live

holy whores
gifts from hell
i muttered
as i
looked through
my dirty
at the
mad angel
on her boot
in her
thigh high boots
another cig
in my drive
i smiled
between the squeaking
not wanting to scare
friday night
angelic lay

after the
with a 40 oz
glasss club
in my hand
i confessed
i thought
i'd lost her
you brought me back
last week
you drunk dope
she squealed
as she
her displeasure
at my
black out
stabbing me
with her
burning cig

i thought
as i
some slave rum
from my
glass club
to try
flush out a memory
with some relief
she wasn't
as dangerous
a physco
as i thought

©bg 2022

symptoms 2

skyscrapers maws 
chew on flaming paper plane memos
vain statues
crumble reflecting the autumn of their posers
rock climbers
cling to the optimistic cliff face even as they fall
spin doctors
deliver gullible babies into a nation's house
cannon fodder
fertilise the next generation of ripe sacrifices

wrecking balls
swing from steeples hidden under church bell frocks
political podiums
stand on immorality termite mounds of ignorance
soap boxes
fail to cleanse the befouled mouths of prophets
cult fish
follow jet streams into burnt cloud pies in the sky
crooked fingers
burn blessings with their erring judging touch

light bulb
flickers between realities dark and illusionments light
paint brush
smears canvas to erase the artist of their corrupt form
spoken words
launch wagging tongue missiles from buried hidden silos
old goat
propagandist regurgitates their tails while spewing shit
infinities road
is paved with the genocidal godheads of extinct tribes

old nag
staggers as the burdens of crossing the finish line nears
dodo birds
waddle down to the street corner to have a flutter
bucket head
dinosaurs play missing link with lizard people
roulette wheel
turns with the speed of an evolving species
dystopian heart
is the hole in civilisations dead man hand

©bg 2022

symptoms 1

blood wine 
transfusion irrigates with drowning confusion
raindrop entrails
slide down a drain to pollute oceans
seasick lemons
scream "down the hatch" throwing back salt
torpedoed subs
rise up choking liver spotted bottle necks
kraken lives
inside a washed up bottle on a drunks burley
fishing lines
haul in their suicidal thought of the day anchors

excavators beaks
pick at heavens bloody cloud scabs
cockroach reality
escapes lucid narcissists dreams
genie wishes
transcends scientific tested explanations
speaking telephones
exhale opium dreamt up dialogue
chaos priests
assemble greed guided algorithm puns
religious pilgrims
follow the terminological inexactitude axis

callused prayers
lip synced platitudes bring to heel the masses
parachute whooshes
dandelion ideological spores terraform media
deceased estates
prepare for religious inherited taxed grief
fermented rains
acid infusion etches under umbrella skins
weeping pus
oozes out through the taxidermy scars
votive candles
melt into cadaver's extinguished eye sockets

mythos carved
scriptures into the bones of societies
composer's bowel
blasts irritable music beat box syndromes
grandfather clocks
enslaved cogs to golden their hands
mannequins clog
societies idealists broken conveyor system
boner rifles
black goop seals sarcophaguses pouty lips
robotic dogs
fetch the moons their extinct titans threw away

©bg 2022