poopling soup recipes #82

there was a fetus that sneezed katsu
at the light and that is all they knew
for the end would not bloom
life would be their souls doom
while the fetus grew and grew anew

©bg 2022

author's notes- not a Limerick it's a lymberbrick

a tanka by a wanka 10 vladimir putin

there's a Vladimir
a cur who likes to putin
mothers cry pullout
i'm not a nato he laughs
ploughing on with his sickle

©bg 2022

authors notes
nato - North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
nato means -no action talk only.
women use this expression to describe a certain type of man.

a struggling haiku

heads in lion's maw  
juggling all the actrobats
the circus of life

©bg 2022
authors notes -actrobats,little word i made up from acrobats.
meaning all the mad acts flying around that we have to juggle in life.(probably don't try using in scrabble yet😉)