jokes are like smokes

i tell you jokes are not funny 
when told to you by a bunny
unless the timing is sunny
causing the sky to rain money

theres videos of you in gaffs
using suicide bomber puns
if you got some laughs
you better get the runs

you were a cat throwing shade
now your in the stockade
cause they found a grenade
when the timing police did a raid

assholes in cars
assholes in bars
you thought you were stars
now you're pickles in jars

fame is such a cruel concubine
you thought you her valentine
in sand she drew the punchline
your just the olympic goldstein

© by bg 2021

goldstein-see george orwell 1984 for meaning 🙂

the author does believe most jokes are cruel/mean etc, however the author is guilty of laughing at cruel/mean etc jokes but whose laughter does not condone the practice of mean/cruel etc jokes in real life.
the author has also been known to tell cruel/mean etc jokes very badly for which he apolojizes or in twenty years apologies for, which ever comes first.

tanka by a wanka 6 jeff bezos

bezos you old dog 
did laika see god today
bet your slaves saw red

did you crap in your space suit
you cannot afford a break

© by bg 2021
published a little late,but it was written i little early so balance and all that .🙂