a reaping haiku ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

thru an opaque lens 
racist shot jungle bunnies
grim watched the deadstream

©bg 2022

authors notes
my condolences to my fellow humans who lost love ones in buffalo usa 2022 and in christchurch nz 2019 and to any other past or future
victims of hate.

authors notes (cont) - yes jb is a very racist term.
I used it to highlight how racist dehumanise their fellow humans to treat them as something other than humans that need to be culled.
I decided to use the old racist term jb as rabbit populations are often culled for some reasons that often align with white supremacist (can be applied to any supremacist/nationalist) thinking of their fellow human beings.
authors notes (cont)
opaque meaning =not able to be seen through.

yes i am saying racist,supremacist,nationalist are blind.
notes written just in case someone misinterprets this poem to fit their sick ideology.

a tanka by a wanka britney spears

spear my eyes fakes cried 
brit's tits need a straight jacket
for their broken record
now the witch hunters will burn
their pop tart naked savage

©bg 2022

a perspective haiku

quietly i chuckle 
through the window pain you see
me quietly crying

©bg 2022

authors notes = pain - pane ,you get it i'm sure 🙂

a fascism rising haiku

young dove hatchlings fly
dropping fresh oppressive shit
old man hate rehashed

©bg 2022

authors notes-
old man is not referring to existing older people, even if in some cases it is applicable.

a reaping haiku ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

smoke screams fill the car 
reapers ride the bullet trains
last stop terminal

©bg 2022
authors notes
recent current events in NY had me back looking thru my reaper collection .
the NY attack was not a reaper event.
i changed the 1st line from [dead screams fill the car ] to it's current form .

©bg 2022

the whirlpool

the old fleabag stared into his cup 
ever since he was a drowned runt pup
watching it runneth over empty
in a land where bones were a plenty
yet banks wouldn't let him dig any out
so he chewed off a leg to save his snout
stole a bath to sail troubled waters
tempted by neptune's buried daughters
the fleabag growled just my boneless luck
as he paddled in circles till stuck
a passing whale gave a farewell wink
as he pulled the plug out of his sink

©bg 2022

a legend haiku

willo the wisp dies 
in a forest of statues
felled by mocking rocks

©bg 2022

authorz notes -
its about following the light shinning out our own arse into danger (our own insecurities) .
not support for the will smith act of violence perpetrated on chris rock.
the event that prompted this poem.