never play with a barbie doll no you can’t get love from a barbie doll

crocodile skin stilettos
escaped from the ghettos​
tear accessories
sting sugar daddy’s wallets
in malls where barbie frolics

© bg 2012


A Squatters World

i can’t live in water
i can’t live in dirt


it’s as easy to breathe in water
as it is to breathe in dirt


where i can be a squatter
there is only the unpalatable air


from the political factories 
that man u fac true hurt

© bg 2012

the pen is more vicious

history cannot wipe away the black mark tails that betrays
their pharaoh’s hearts have hardened under the suns gaze
Their poisoned ink has blackened the hands of time
Surely the mandate of a power drunk elephant is a crime

Where are the masked super heroes
To combat immortalities infinite zeros

In endless immeasurable starving grief and certain pain
The ox are muzzled as they get fenced of from Narcissus grain
For those ox unbranded are misaligned and spurned
This creates the villenous and vermin the ignorant have learned

but the cowled story teller hides
The fact his coins have two sides

Just as Jezebel had two nurturing breast
Till the zombies in an ignorant orgy did feast
Destroying nourishment in a jealous active rage
So their brethren could rise up their degenerate voodoo sage

© bg 2016

There is always a Capitalist

there is always 
a Capitalist
to break the wings 
of free BEAST

there is always 
a Capitalist 
to sell a slave 

there is always 
a Capitalist
to trade those beasts 
back their broken SOUL

there is always 
a Capitalist
to send those beast 
to fight their WARS

there is always 
a Capitalist 
to take free beasts 
back to a fettered STATE

© bg 2012