tanka by a wanka 6 jeff bezos

bezos you old dog 
did laika see god today
bet your slaves saw red

did you crap in your space suit
you cannot afford a break

© by bg 2021
published a little late,but it was written i little early so balance and all that .🙂

tanka by a wanka 3 drowning evolution

from the moons birds view 
earths feeble crop of green hair
is drowned by bald blue
i hear seaweed is healthy
mind warp to devolve whomans

© by bg 2021

tanka by a wanka 2 the elites trickle down effect

water licking toes 
gonna be drowned by high moon 
back to the pearl gates
a sewage pipe above spews 
busking outside man made hell 

© by bg 2021