a sad tale

Once upon a time  I had a site called Banishedman, but alas i let the domain fall under a wicked spell of expiry back in 2014.

Because I’m on bard pay, I cannot pay the ransom to take back my domain,also the costs of the domain came with little benefits for one as idle as I.

Now here I the Banishedman stands or rather blogs quite contentedly , resurrected as the TrashcanBard.



93 thoughts on “a sad tale

    • hi there James, it was my pleasure to visit your blog . i enjoyed reading your article and look forward to reading more in the future. of late i have posted many haiku but if you wander back there are a few poems that are not haiku if you’d like a read. please don’t leave the haiku’s to me ,there are many better haiku writers on WordPress and i encourage you to read them ,also your a fine writer and it’ll be great to read your haikus .kindest regards bg 🙂😎🙂

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    • Thanks for coming by. I will visit your blog as I enjoyed the read .also just popped back for a quick scout and yes lord of the dance is a goody. Keep blogging things will pick up as sure as the sunrises. 🙂


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