a sad tale

Once upon a time I had a site called Banishedman, but alas i let the domain fall under a wicked spell of expiry back in 2014.

Because I’m on bard pay, I cannot pay the ransom to take back my domain,also the costs of the domain came with little benefits for one as idle as I.

Now here I the Banishedman stands or rather blogs quite contentedly , resurrected as the TrashcanBard.

update 24/07/2021

re tags and interpretation

allow i use tags ,their meaning my not be used in a common way or to be perfectly honest in a correct way.

my take on the words, are often used in different ways and i trust the reader to work out how i used the tag, allow sometimes the word may use itself more than once .(this is also true in my poems, allow mostly i try to highlight not to take those words or missspellings at face value. however this has not always been so ) i make no apologies if you take my poems wrongly because you rely on tags. lolπŸ™‚


humour -often used by me as people might use funny ,as in
difficult to explain or understand.strange or odd.

the above discription can and often does lead bizarrely to humour as is used commonly for somepeople.(or just me)

to whom it may apply -re your interpretation.

yes you may interpret my poems how you like, however if your interpretation is wildly incorrect to my view, which is highly possible. i will say.

mainly because i may (highly possible ) not want to be thought to support that view.

you are still free to enjoy your thoughts and i thankyou for letting me know as i do enjoy and find your feedback interesting.

sometimes more interesting than i thought of.

please take this as an explanation not a telling off .as this update was written with a smile not a frown.(expression indicating disapproval, displeasure).oddly opposite of how i hold my frown when i usually write πŸ™‚(expression indicating concentration.)πŸ™‚

all the best bg 24/07/2021 πŸ™‚

93 thoughts on “a sad tale

    • hi there James, it was my pleasure to visit your blog . i enjoyed reading your article and look forward to reading more in the future. of late i have posted many haiku but if you wander back there are a few poems that are not haiku if you’d like a read. please don’t leave the haiku’s to me ,there are many better haiku writers on WordPress and i encourage you to read them ,also your a fine writer and it’ll be great to read your haikus .kindest regards bg πŸ™‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ™‚

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for coming by. I will visit your blog as I enjoyed the read .also just popped back for a quick scout and yes lord of the dance is a goody. Keep blogging things will pick up as sure as the sunrises. πŸ™‚


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