Our flag vs new flag

 New Zealand the land in which I was born and live  is thinking of changing its flag. I was sent this email poem  re why we should keep the existing flag. Sorry I don’t know who wrote it.In fairness I have put it on top in dark green.

When it ends my reply follows in black as to why we should change the flag.

In our southern skies of blue.

And that little old Flag in the corner,

That’s part of our heritage too.


It’s for the English, the Scots and the Irish

Who travelled to the ends of the earth.

The traders, the schemers, the doers and dreamers

Who gave modern New Zealand birth.


And those who are seeking to change it,

They don’t seem to understand

It’s the Flag of our law and our language

Not the flag of a faraway land.


There are plenty of people who’ll tell you

That when Europe was plunged into night

That little old flag in the corner

Was their symbol of freedom and light.


It doesn’t mean we owe allegiance

To a forgotten imperial dream

We’ve the stars to show where we’re going

And the old Flag to show where we’ve been.


In what land is the sky not blue 

And in what corner that little flag does flies

Has oppression not been a bloody hue 

Dont forget the reason  

The English,  Irish and the Scottish 

Reversed their seasons

Let’s definitely  not forget the schemers 

They did undermine the doers and dreamers  

 who traveled to this beautiful part of the earth 

To see the schemers  give this  land a still birth 

Those who are seeking to change the existing flag 

They do actually it seems  understand 

It is the flag of a faraway imperialistic land 

Our laws and language Shouldn’t be a Queens old rag 

There are plenty of fallen kiwi soldiers who can’t tell you

That when Europe was repeatedly plunged into night 

That little old flag in the corner of our view 

Did abandoned them to their machine gun fodder plight  

Martariki Our stars are wrong, let us start clean 

And  I don’t think as a nation we really  want to follow 

Where our old flag in the dusty corner has been 

So Let’s have a flag that doesn’t make our nation hollow

bg 2015 

Your Symbol is the Puffer fish

 Jesus did not dye for ewes

Jesus dyed because of ewes

No ewes won’t see that

Blind to your own scat

As your house of false scarecrows burns

As ewes run to your next house of urns

Where ewes can stick like sick jews

To your pointless point of cross views

In houses made of crumbling sand bricks

Where ewes  worship with  your mighty ticks

Afraid of  the big bad wolf ewes created

That for  thousands of years ewes sated

By making  others suffer

by  your righteous will

So your ancient sins have a buffer

 from your toxic  swill

Yes ewes are the wolf in sheep skins

Your foul breath hidden behind

All those false benevolent grins

As  ewes choke on your own mortality

Caused by your own thorny irrationality

For Kim Davis and her ilk.

©BG 2015