a tanka by a wanka britney spears

spear my eyes fakes cried 
brit's tits need a straight jacket
for their broken record
now the witch hunters will burn
their pop tart naked savage

©bg 2022

a tanka by a wanka 10 vladimir putin

there's a Vladimir
a cur who likes to putin
mothers cry pullout
i'm not a nato he laughs
ploughing on with his sickle

©bg 2022

authors notes
nato - North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
nato means -no action talk only.
women use this expression to describe a certain type of man.

tanka by a wanka 8 novak Djokovic

line umpire calls out 
covid bounces on a court
no in no out um
jockoprick screams not my fault
hiding behind his racquet

©bg 2022