The Hermits Wrath

the Hermit stood roughly point of center of the maze 
staring at the graffiti living on the gold wall 
then he looked down and kicked ash dust over the dead jays 
a recluse does not wish joy to hear the sound of flight

the maze wall slithered along shedding its old corn skin 
under bruised clouds that appeared on its virgin surface 
eve woke choking on the rotting flesh of her gods sin
to fully wake she  spat out the prince of darkness’s tail

Hermit saw eves assassins sun shadow kneel on the wall 
in the dangerous position of silent mourning prayer 
where hands so blessed formed a new poisoned dagger to befall 
the wild floating tentacle heads of eves questing spawn

their ghost fled into the wilderness of the blind midwife’s cave 
along the walls facial chiselled fault lines guided by tattooist 
who helped dreams to escape beyond the myopic watch makers grave 
to celebrate their duality of being both living and dying

the Hermit hearing in the distance their drums higher spirit 
began dance chanting “ash shalt thou return /ash shalt thou return”
his feet hit the womb blood black clay drawing out the worms vomit 
forming one drowning eye from their primeval amniotic fluids

the eyes vision poisoned by the Hermits sole alpha wrath bone
bleed into the cave as one forking river of misery 
from which the ghosts bathed in and drank like wine till worn into stone
they drifted back like volcanic ash clouds to  cover the drowned jays

© bg 2012

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